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About Greater Zionfield Family Worship 

We Can, We Shall, We Will

Greater Zionfield Baptist Church was born on November 18th, 1958.  This creation was first housed at 1504 Manfield Ave. in Marrero, LA, by the founder Rev. Paul Jones.

As members grew a decision was made to look for a larger building for a place of Worship. In the year of our Lord 1961 a piece of land was purchased in Bridge City, LA, and the ministry was moved from Marrero to Bridge City, LA.

In the year of our Lord 1992 the Rev. Paul Jones health began to fail, he was no longer able to conduct services as he desired, due to medical problems. In the year of our Lord 1993, the Lord called the Rev. Paul Jones home.

The members of Greater Zionfield Baptist Church asked the late Rev. Elias Jones to continue the ministry at Greater Zionfield Baptist Church. The late Rev. Elias Jones served until his resignation in the year of our Lord 1993.

Elder Ida Jackson was determined to continue the ministry in Bridge City at Greater Zionfield Baptist Church.  Elder Ida Jackson Discussed the issue with God and he sent the ministry and Anointed and Appointed shepherd Rev. Samuel Travis, Jr. from Kenner, LA.

In the year of our Lord 1994, the church accepted him as there new shepherd.  Within thirty days under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Samuel Travis, Jr. made drastic changes. Membership began to grow and prosper.

In the year of our Lord 1994, Rev. Samuel Travis, Jr. and the Greater Zionfield church family purchased a new building and moved the ministry from Bridge City, to the beautiful city of Westwego. Rev. Samuel Travis, Jr. came to the ministry under the unction of the Holy Spirit and still serves as the pastor here at Greater Zionfield Family Worship Center.

Under the leadership of Pastor Samuel & First Lady Felicia Travis, we are “Moving from the Westbank to the World”.

Our Pastor 

Having accepted the Lord at the age of 17, it was soon evident that there was a special calling upon my life. You have to imagine my struggles of being called to serve in the ministry in my late teens. I was a young boy still in High School and I felt I had places to go and people to see. I couldn’t do it if I was in the Church. I tried to fight it. I felt that I was too young to be called, but God had a different plan for my life. God won this fight and many more, as a young man accepting my calling towards this exciting journey.


I said to myself “Travis” let’s see if I can ease my way into this thing. Until 1993, I served as a member of the choir, a member of the deacon board and a youth pastor where I responded to that call and was appointed Senior Pastor of Greater Zionfield Family Worship Center (GZFWC).

Proclaiming the uncompromised Word of God, with power and demonstration, has been my focus. My style of teaching and preaching challenges listeners to mature and become overcomers of the world. I strive for my congregation to empower themselves by knowing the word for themselves and not by just taking my word for it.

As the Pastor of GZFWC my expectations, along with the Ministers and the Leaders of this congregation is to “Build Strong Families, for a Brighter Tomorrow” by bring GZFWC to the World. As the Pastor of this wonderful church, I encourage all of the ministers, ministry leaders and the congregation to continue to grow and mature in the word of God. It is important that I reach, teach and preach the word of God with balance and depth in people lives; most of all to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ enthusiastically and lovingly with our city and the world.

I pray that you have had an opportunity to get to know the First family. If you are ever in the area feel free to drop in and see that our “Vision is truly coming to Pass”.


Meet Our Leaders


Christian Education

Ida J. Domio

First Lady Felicia E. Travis.jpg

Women of Purpose Ministry

First Lady Felicia E. Travis

Men of Purpose Ministry

Bro. Eric Davis

Church Leaders
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